Kiwami iwata

Kiwami iwata

Please note that the spray guns of the W-300 series have been be renewed as WIDER3 and KIWAMI3.

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In addition to improved workability, Kiwami3 is also compatible with water-based primer. To differentiate as automobile refinishing painting, known as ‘kiwami series, the air cap has been changed WB1 to WB2 and has improved performance with a pattern width of +15mm and a fluid output of +5ml/min.
Improved handling performance, lighter and better balance with ergonomic design.
Maintenance can be carried out easily, the screw pitch of the air cap has been changed to allow attachment and detachment to be carried out faster.
Enable stable painting with less variation due to individual differences. By reviewing the air valve structure and making the opening large and uniform, pressure loss is reduced and variation caused by the threaded position is reduced.
Solvent and corrosion resistance remain the same, twilight chrome plating adopted for the gun body.


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